CTSI 500 Stars Initiative




Al Hurvis/ADAMM Education Foundation

funds the

MCW CTSI 500 Stars Initiative

The CTSI 500 Stars Initiative is a ten-year, multi-institutional, comprehensive educational & workforce diversity plan focused on increasing under-represented minority (URM) students in the translational workforce. 


CTSI 500 Stars Initiative works directly with well-established regional partners in an effort to support and move the translational workforce along existing regional diversity pipelines.



Our vision is to enrich the southeast Wisconsin translational research workforce through promoting inclusion and diversity. Our mission is to provide training and educational opportunities to students of diversity in high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs who are looking for a career in clinical and translational science. Our Goal is to enroll 500 students over ten years into the CTSI 500 Stars Initiative—a combined student/family empowering initiative.