Our Mission

To help youth succeed in their academic and professional lives by providing scholarships, mentoring and internships in the automotive, medical and other job professions, using tennis as a catalyst to foster their success.


Hurvis / ADAMM Peak Scholars demonstrate achievement academically and personally, through school studies and community involvements.  They hold high regard for leadership, a strong work ethic and positive attitudes.


Hurvis / ADAMM is dedicated to the education and success of our scholars.  Our events provide students with a chance to connect with the community and give back.  These events strive to be mutually beneficial enriching the community as well as the student.  


Scholarships are rewarded to those students who exhibit academic achievement, leadership and financial need.    

Our Vision

Empowering the youth of our community to advance their lives and futures through leadership, mentoring, education, and community service.


Creating Our Future.