The Al Hurvis / ADAMM Education Foundation was founded in memory of extraordinary automotive executive, Alfred "Al" Hurvis, who devoted his professional career stimulating, motivating and mentoring individuals at Heiser Ford and ultimately guiding them eventually to owning and operating their own auto dealerships in Southeast Wisconsin.  ADAMM, as the six county auto dealers trade and training association, recognizing the value of using the role model qualities and contributions of Al Hurvis, embraced the concept of creating a foundation to provide scholarships, mentoring and internships for needy high school students through its network for dealer members in Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha countries.


Al Hurvis, a native of West Virginia, graduated from University of Chicago in the early 1920's and came to Milwaukee with his wife, Alice Francis, as regional vice president of CIT Financial Corporation in 1948.  A few years later, Hurvis took a job as working partner with Heiser Ford, leading successful operations over 20 years in terms of finance and reputation.  Hurvis started as a finance guru and quickly became knowledgeable about all aspects of the automotive business.  Hurvis and his partner, Walter "Red" Andrews led Heiser Ford to a dominant position in Wisconsin among automotive dealers.


As the years passed, Hurvis took an interest, was a mentor and became a mentor/teacher to his employees at Heiser.  He was also a valuable resource to fellow automotive dealers in Southeast Wisconsin.  Hurvis was a mentor as well to numerous people who went on to successful careers in business, finance and law.


Being a responsible, ethical and successful automotive dealer requires intimate knowledge of the automotive business, a strong work ethic, vision, determination and a vibrant moral code with employees and customers.  Al Hurvis had all of those qualities; and, of equal importance, he was willing to share his knowledge, insight and experience with the people he mentored.


Al Hurvis was more than a highly successful automotive dealer.  He became a highly effective mentor and educator.  Hurvis knew how to help people become successful; and, like legendary Coach Vince Lombardi; guided his people (advising and serving as a role model) to great success with their business and personal lives.  He was a demanding leader.  He looked at every day as an opportunity to make automotive dealerships a better place to work, provide quality and be financially successful.


Hurvis also hired, trained and promoted minorities.  He took the time to learn and was concerned about the personal lives of all his employees.  Hurvis knew when someone's wife or child was sick; and, he cared about their condition.

Tom Hurvis, son of Al Hurvis, and Chas Mulcahy, mentored by Al Hurvis, approached ADAMM president, Jim Tolkan, in 2015 and proposed creating an education foundation devoted to providing scholarships, mentoring and internship for needy high school students based on academic achievement, leaderships, community service and being a member of the high school tennis team. Tolkan embraced the concept and secured ADAMM leadership support.  The Al Hurvis / ADAMM Education Foundation established its headquarters at ADAMM.

In 2016, Hurvis / ADAMM expanded its scholarships, mentoring and intern program by entering into a collaborative support initiative with Milwaukee Area Technical College and high schools creating opportunities for jobs in the automotive industry.  This program focuses on creating jobs for youths in financially disadvantaged areas.


The founding board of directors of Hurvis / ADAMM consisted of Tom Hurvis (representing the Al Hurvis Scholarship), Chas Mulcahy (representing the Bernice K. Rose Scholarship),  Mary Muth (representing the Father Richard A. McGarrity, S.J. Scholarship) and James Tolkan (representing the ADAMM Scholarship).


Al Hurvis / ADAMM Education Foundation, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit Wisconsin corporation on October 16, 2015.